Indian Creek Cemetery

Comanche County, Texas

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Adams, Nancy Sue 11-13-1936 05-16-2014 Maiden name was Williams. Dau of Herbert Lee and Alma Williams
Aldridge, A. B.  05-21-1875     08-20-1916 “Mother”, maiden name was Opha orOrphra Louise Elms.  Dau of Jacob "Joab" Elms and Mary Lindsey.  Married Albert Bennett Aldridge, son of Arcadia Kate Matilda Campbell Anderson, in 1892. Children were Bernice "Bonnie, Richard Campbell "RC" Sr., and Jay Darrel.   
Allen, Carrie B. Born and Died 08-09-1920 dau of George Ollie and Matilda "Mattie" Elizabeth Vivrett; sister of Cecil O. and Carl R.
Allen, Chester H. 07-24-1893     02-26-1974  PFC US Army WWI.  Husband of Jewell O.; father of Annie Mae, Dale Collins, and Zoel Glen
Allen, Dale Collins 01-29-1927     05-30-1927  son of Chester H. and Jewell
Allen, Jewell (O.) 12-09-1897     01-14-1989 Ona was middle name; wife of Chester H., dau. of John Owen Stewart and Mary Della
Allen, Jodie D. 1874     1946 Joseph Demetrious, brother of Reuben Alexander; son of DPC and Emiline McAfee Allen
Allen, Julia Bates 1877     1950 second wife of Reuben Alexander married 1909; mother of Constance and Beatrice; dau of George Henry and Martha Emily Pierce Bates.
Allen, Little Mary 10-09-1900     05-21-1914 dau of JD and Mary Gattis Allen.  Mother died during childbirth and is buried in Lynchburg, Tennessee.
Allen, Mattie 1883     1951 Given name was Matilda Elizabeth Vivrett; wife of George Ollie Allen; mother of Cecil O., Carl R. and Carrie B.
Allen, Mattie M. 09-11-1859     06-09-1907 Given name was Martha Melinda Goodsby; first wife of Ruben Alexander. Married 09-11-1881 in Lynchburg, Tennessee. Mother of Viola A., Odus, Vera Mae, Chesley, and Floy
Allen, N. Felix 1878     1968  
Allen, Ollie 1882     1957 George was first name; son of Ruben Alexander Allen; husband of Mattie; father of Cecil O., Carl R. and Carrie B.
Allen, Ruben Alexander 09-20-1858     12-18-1923 husband of Martha Melinda "Mattie M." Goosby married 09-16-1881 in Lynchburg, Tennessee. Father of Viola A., Odus, Vera Mae, Chesley, and Floy.
Anderson, Charley S. 1876     1938 Middle name was "Stewart", son of J P and Kate Matilda Anderson;
Anderson, Infant 04-27-1903     05-01-1903 Name was Cecil B., son of Charley
Anderson, J. P. 06-15-1834     06-29-1914  John Patrick, “Freemason”, husband of Kate Matilda
Anderson, Kate Matilda 09-20-1855     10-30-1914 Arcadia, wife of J. P.; dau of Charles Crawford and Julianna S. Rubarth Campbell. She was the first white female born in Comanche County, Texas. Her first husband was Dr. A. B. Aldridge.
Anderson, Lee 08-25-1880     12-31-1915 Joseph Leander, husband of Liddie; son of J P and Kate M. Anderson; brother of Charles "Charley" S.; father of Theresa Constance, Robert Lester and Melba Lamoian
Anderson, Liddie 04-15-1883     12-10-1912  Lydia Rebecca, wife of Lee. Maiden name was Howell; mother of Theresa Constance, Robert Lester and Melba Lamoian.
Barcroft, Conard P. 1872     1948 Paschal was middle name; “Here lies an honest man”, married Lula Elizabeth Funderburk
Barcroft, Elizabeth F. 07-08-1859     07-20-1899 dau of Elisha H.
Barcroft, Elisha H. 06-18-1809     11-29-1895  “Freemason”, first postmaster of Comanche County, married Margaret B. Hutchinson 1833 in Tennessee   
Barcroft, Jack 04-18-1911     05-18-1933 son of Conard P.
Barcroft, James Daniel 11-17-1839     04-11-1924 son of Elisha and Margaret, married (1) Palina C. Watson 5-22-1868 in Comanche County (2) Jane Coker about 1880 in Comanche County, Frontier Texas Ranger , served with Company G, 30th Tx Cav, CSA
Barcroft, Jane 07-27-1844     05-24-1930  wife of James D., dau of Robert and Elizabeth Lake Coker
Barcroft, Margaret B. 12-27-1814     04-30-1898 wife of Elisha H., maiden name was Hutchinson, married Elisha H. 1833 in Tennessee
Barcroft, M. Beron 01-11-1876     10-27-1926 husband of Mardiel, son of James and Palina
Barcroft, Mardiel L. 02-01-1888     01-08-1969 wife of M. Beron
Barcroft, Palina C. 07-27-1844     about 1880  no grave found, but believed to be buried at Indian Creek Cemetery. Daughter of Jonathan and Permelia Perry Watson
Beam, David Loranza 06-09-1844     03-06-1927 son of Michael and Susan Warlick Beam of Lincoln, North Carolina, married Sarah Emiline Mauney
Beam, Ruth 05-04-1892     02-11-1976 wife of Walter, dau of Nathaniel and Missouri Tunnel Franklin
Beam, Sarah Emiline 06-09-1847     08-29-1904  wife of David L.; married 12-20-1866 in Gaston, North Carolina
Beam, David Walter 01-01-1892     11-25-1976 husband of Ruth Franklin; son of David and Sarah
Beam, Walter Jack 04-14-1920     10-02-1923 son of Walter and Ruth
Beard, B. A. 12-25-1895     09-12-1896 son of Thomas Jefferson and Elizabeth Jane "Lizzie" "Elvira" Redwine Beard
Beard, Jonathan Solomon 12-15-1859     01-26-1886  son of Solomon "Joel" and Martha Elvira Watson Beard; brother of Thomas Jefferson Beard; husband of Sarah Ann Elizabeth Sliger, she is buried at Board Church Cemetery in Comanche County
Besley, Mary Bell 1935     1968  
Black, Chester 06-15-1919     08-29-1919 son of J W and Omie Williams Black
Black, Lester 06-15-1919     08-25-1919 son of J W and Omie Williams Black
Black, Percy Lee 05-09-1914     11-22-1922 son of J W and Omie Williams Black
Booher, Kathleen Carter 1895     1964 wife of Shedrick LaFayette
Booher, Shedrick LaFayette 1874     1928 husband of Kathleen
Bowman, Alfha 1890     1931 “Mother”; wife of William Andrew; dau of John Horton and Lucy Ann Tunnell Williams
Bowman, Benny 12-02-1882     08-08-1899  son of J H and Eldona, died from drowning in Indian Creek
Bowman, Elaine 02-19-1931     10-12-2003 wife of James Weldon, dau of Herman and Iva Hamrick Banks
Bowman, Eldona 11-26-1864     03-17-1924 wife of J H, dau of James Martin and Margaret Barcroft McGuire
Bowman, Florence 1892     1983  wife of William Andrew;  maiden name was Kearney; daughter of William B. and Mary E.
Bowman, Henry Carroll 07-08-1880     1957 husband of Sue Jane; son of J. H. and Eldona
Bowman, Horton Columbus 10-13-1874     07-14-1966 husband of Loula M.; son of V F and Mary R.
Bowman, Inez 11-01-1905     06-03-1990 wife of J. Harvey; after death of J. Harvey, married Macon Haynie, her brother–in-law; maiden name was Mamie Inez "Deet" McCarthy.
Bowman, Infant born and died 1897 dau of J H and Eldona
Bowman, Infant  born and died 06-07-1929 dau of J Harvey and Inez
Bowman, Infant no dates dau of Vinson Frank Bowman, Jr. and Mary “Mollie” E. Kilpatrick
Bowman, J. H.  11-26-1859     04-19-1950 married (1) Eldona McGuire 10-05-1879 (2) Mary E. McGuire about 1926;  Initials were for James Henry.
Bowman, J. Harvey 12-12-1901     12-11-1968 James was the son of J H and Eldona, married Inez McCarthy;
Bowman, John B. 01-08-1899     06-09-1899  son of James Andrew and Theressa Redwine Bowman
Bowman, John M.  09-25-1899     10-01-1971 son of J H and Eldona; second husband of Opha; “M” was for Mervyn
Bowman, Lonnie A. 03-06-1894     03-03-1922  son of J H and Eldona;  first husband of Opha
Bowman, Loula M. 07-31-1875     05-05-1962 wife of Horton; maiden name was Jones
Bowman, Mary E. 10-12-1874     08-13-1949  second wife of J H;  dau of James Martin and Margaret Barcroft McGuire
Bowman, Mary R. 11-26-1836     05-16-1917 wife of V.F.; dau of Robert and Elizabeth Lake Coker
Bowman, Opha  09-24-1898     01-09-1980 Middle name was "Ola", wife of Lonnie A. and John M.; Dau. of Elias A. and Ida Blanche Walters Richardson
Bowman, Otha Edward 10-24-1897     06-26-1973 “Pvt US Army WWI”; son of Horton and Loula
Bowman, R. C. 12-25-1883     06-29-1931 son of J H and Eldona; husband of Annie Hicks married 12-26-1901;  Annie married E.F. Nuttall after R.C. died; R.C. was for Richard Columbus
Bowman, Sue Jane 1878     1973 wife of Henry Carroll; dau of David and Sarah Beam
Bowman, Thadeus I. 09-21-1861     06-14-1949 son of V.F. and Mary
Bowman, V.F. 08-26-1836     01-15-1914 son of Henry and Elizabeth Bowman of Whitfield County, Georgia; Married Mary R. J. Coker about 1855 in Georgia; The initials are for Vinson Frank.
Bowman, William Andrew 1887     1960 “Father”, son of J H and Eldona; (1) Alfha Williams 07-12-1908 (2) Cora Florence Kearney 05-08-1942 in Comanche County.
Bringol, Bertha Croker 08-27-1919     09-18-1982 dau of H. Harris and Cora Belle
Brownfield, Robert Max 10-19-1935     00-00-0000  
Brownfield, Yvonne Stewart 07-24-1932     00-00-0000  
Bruce, J. C. 05-19-1831     05-25-1905 husband of Sarah A.
Bruce, Sarah A. 03-25-1836     03-18-1891 wife of J C
Bryant, C. E. 12-07-1898     06-11-1902 dau of S A and M J
Buckler, Grady 05-07-1898     05-17-1968 husband of Lucille
Buckner, James 12-04-1933     08-09-2005  
Buckler, Lucille 07-12-1904     11-07-1970 wife of Grady
Bullard, Charles Floyd 07-03-1945     05-13-2008 son of George and Carrie (Read) Bullard
Bullock, M. E. 1854     1938 wife of T. Q.
Bullock, T. Q. 1854     1926 husband of M. E.
Burdette, Edd 1904     1965 husband of Rena
Burdette, Rena 1905     1994  wife of Edd; dau of John Horton and Lucy Ann Tunnell Williams
Burkhaulter, T. P. 03-18-1847     09-18-1896  
Burkhaulter, Emily 05-02-1879     09-05-1883 dau of T P and Mary
Burkhaulter, Minnie 11-02-1886     12-05-1887 dau of T P and Mary
Burkett, Harvey Allen born and died 08-01-1930 son of Earl and Connie