Indian Creek Cemetery

Comanche County, Texas

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Carmichael, Billie J. 12-07-1927     04-27-1984  
Carmichael, Buren Lorenzo 1880     1943 husband of Effie; son of W B and Lucy
Carmichael, Charley Loy 10-04-1916     05-03-1980  “TEC 5 US Army WWII”
Carmichael, David F. 09-20-1886     02-15-1960 husband of Jennie; son of W B and Lucy
Carmichael, Effie 1880     1918 wife of Buren, maiden name was McGuire
Carmichael, Jennie  L. 12-04-1890     10-02-1962 wife of David F.
Carmichael, John Lewis 03-26-1910     03-03-1914 son of Perry and Willie
Carmichael, Lucy (C.) 12-25-1863     06-27-1930 Maiden name was Taylor; wife of W B; mother of Buren Lorenzo.
Carmichael, Perry Hayden 02-27-1884     05-28-1962 husband of Willie May; son of William Bascomb and Lucy Taylor Carmichael. Born in Alabama and died in Hico, Hamilton Co., Texas
Carmichael, W. B. July 1853     January 1914 William Bascomb "Willie" was the husband of Lucy Taylor
Carmichael, Willie May 05-10-1883     07-04-1961 wife of Perry Hayden
Cartwright, David 10-28-1927   10-28-1927 son of Oscar C. and Ellie A. Cartwright
Casey, Chester L. 05-04-1928     02-06-1934  
Casey, Homer D. 07-30-1933     11-22-1933  
Clark, Weldon 09-28-1920     05-27-1923  son of W C and Nettie
Clements, Velma 1901     1946 wife of W B
Clements, W. B. 1889     1960 husband of Velma, known as “Boss”
Coker, Charlie Claude 08-30-1893     02-06-1973 husband of Hattie; married 06-07-1914; son of Mance O and Mollie H
Coker, David Thomas 01-31-1874     02-15-1953 husband of Zeulah Emmett McDonald; father of Otis Raymond, Elton Verble, and Lloyd Thomas; Son of Payton Lynn and Julia Creamer Coker.
Coker, E. A. 10-23-1825     09-08-1888 wife of M. O., Elizabeth Ann was the dau of Wm Spencer and Sarah Burton McGuire. Sister of John A. and James Martin McGuire.
Coker, Emery Joseph 02-24-1874     02-09-1900  son of RC and Mary U
Coker, George W. 1865     1938 son of Peyton and Julia Francis
Coker, Hattie Kearney 02-15-1890     03-10-1939 wife of Charlie Claude; married 06-07-1914
Coker, Jerrell J. 09-09-1899     11-06-1983 "J" was for Jackson, Husband of Lillian; son of Mance O and Mollie H
Coker, Julia Francis 08-15-1846     12-28-1927 “Fannie”, wife of Peyton, dau of Josiah and Malinda Gaines Creamer
Coker, Lillian 05-31-1901     03-31-1980 wife of Jerrell J.
Coker, Lloyd (T.) 03-31-1911     10-02-2000 husband of Mary; son of David T and Zeulah E.
Coker, M.O. 10-15-1820     06-12-1903 “Servant of God well done, rest from thy loved employ, the battle fought, the victory won, enter thy master’s joy.” Mansel was a Methodist preacher, helped established first churches in Comanche County, married Elizabeth Ann McGuire, sister of James Martin McGuire; brother of R C and Peyton L.
Coker, Mance O. 02-08-1871     04-24-1951  husband of Mollie H.; son of MO and Elizabeth. Christian name was Mansel A. C. Coker. Married Mollie Isham 08-02-1891 in Comanche County.
Coker, Mary 09-26-1911     05-17-1993 wife of Lloyd
Coker, Mary U. 05-08-1832     12-23-1884 wife of R. C.; maiden name was Hardin
Coker, Mollie H. 09-05-1873     01-27-1936  wife Mance O, dau of A J Isham and Celia Greene
Coker, Nancy 12-19-1876     11-24-1888 dau of Peyton and Fannie
Coker, Otis R. 03-06-1901     02-01-1963 Son of David and Zeulah; brother of Lloyd; Tombstone displays "Otis R."  family states it should be "Otis P."
Coker, Peyton Lynn 02-08-1838     12-28-1912 known as “Pate”, son of Robert and Elizabeth Lake Coker, married Julia Francis Creamer; brother of M O and R C
Coker, R. C. 01-10-1828     08-18-1913 Robert Collie was the son of Robert and Elizabeth Lake Coker, married Mary Eunice Hardin about 1850 in Murray Co., Georgia. Donated the land for the cemetery. 
Coker, Zeulah Emmett 03-28-1878     01-23-1968 wife of David Thomas Coker; daughter of Thomas Alexander and Hulette Bell Stanton McDonald
Cook, Cyril 1903     1914 son of Matt and Maggie
Cook, Maggie 1869     1951 wife of Mat; maiden name Martha A. Barcroft, daughter of James D. and Sarah Caroline Coker Barcroft
Cook, Mathew 1871     1936 husband of Maggie; son of Nathan and America
Cooper, J. W. 07-11-1848     02-02-1934  
Couch, S. W. 08-31-1861     07-03-1922 “Gone but not forgotten”
Crabb, Grover L. 01-10-1894     07-20-1927  
Creamer, J. C. 11-15-1843     12-03-1923 Reverend Jasper Clenton, husband of Martha J Steele; brother of Julia Francis Coker, son of Josiah and Malinda Gaines Creamer
Creamer, Laura May 02-04-1879     07-08-1971 wife of Lewis Hardy
Creamer, Lewis Hardy 11-19-1874     11-16-1958 husband of Laura May
Creamer, Martha J. 07-24-1852     12-21-1925  Wife of J C, dau of Abraham K. Steele
Creamer, Mattie J. 06-18-1870     02-06-1934 wife of W H
Creamer, Western Hardin 10-02-1854     09-30-1934 husband of Mattie J., brother of Julia Francis Coker, son of Josiah and Malinda Gaines Creamer
Criswell, Clarence 12-24-1903     10-07-1905 son of L D and Lessie
Criswell, Hazel 11-07-1906     09-15-1913 dau of L D and Lessie
Criswell, Pauline 01-03-1856     02-04-1944 born in Georgia; sister of Thomas Tuggle, dau of Elizabeth Tuggle; wife of Luther
Criswell, Talmadge 12-19-1913     11-26-1944 son of L D and Lessie
Croker, Billy Charles 08-21-1928     09-18-2007 son of Charles and Neva; husband of Alice Leavern
Croker, Charles Wesley 02-19-1908     12-24-1983 husband of Neva Agness;  son of H. Harris and Cora Belle
Croker, Cora Belle 1881     1940 wife of H. Harris
Croker, Emmett Hue 06-15-1903     09-07-1977 son of H. Harris and Cora Belle
Croker, H. Harris 1874     1946 Henry was the husband of Cora Belle
Croker, Jesse H. 01-06-1901     03-06-1971  “Pvt US Army WWII"; son of H. Harris and Cora Belle
Croker, Kenneth D. 02-13-1934     12-05-2002 “A2C US Air Force”; Son of Charles and Neva Agness
Croker, Neva Agness 07-02-1910     12-07-2004 wife of Charles Wesley; maiden name was Dean
Croker, Rena Elaine 1964     1964  
Daniels, Infant 07-04-1942     01-04-1943  
Davenport, Amanda V. 06-12-1870    01-01-1935 wife of J R, dau of Jim and Caroline Swift Sudeth
Davenport, Bulah C. 05-22-1897     12-05-1900 dau of J R and Amanda
Davenport, Grady E 05-25-1909     05-25-1912  
Davenport, Harvey 01-08-1904     01-11-1919  
Davenport, Herman 01-05-1889     05-20-1919  
Davenport, J. R. 1861     1945 James Robert was the husband of Amanda
Davenport, Mary Velma 09-09-1902     07-02-1980 wife of Robert Howell
Davenport, Robert Howell 09-06-1894     10-24-1966  husband of Mary Velma, married 07-21-1919
Davidson, Martha A. 1907     1971  
Davis, Evelyn 01-02-1918     00-00-0000  
Davis, William H. 07-30-1918     07-11-1948  
Day, Infant born and died 1934 son of Ed and Ila
Dean, Felix 02-17-1881     08-08-1959  
Dean, Sallie Franklin 03-07-1884     09-21-1945  
Dillashaw, Lowell Bruce
03-16-1956 11-17-2014
Son of LaVerne Bowman Dillashaw; grandson of J M and Opha Bowman.
Dingus, Mallie 1888     1943  
Dingus, Phillip D. 08-02-1887     01-29-0000  “Pfc Btry D 4 TM Bn CAC World War I
Dutton, Burwell A. 06-25-1885     03-05-1966 husband of Connie C.
Duttin, Connie C. 09-20-1891     12-09-1965  wife of Burwell, married 04-11-1909.
Elms, Emual Edith 11-01-1902     12-02-1904 son of S H and J B
Elms, Infant 02-26-1903     03-10-1903 son of D D and Leone
Elms, Joab 1844     1930 husband of Mary
Elms, Lucy Enola 11-01-1901     04-08-1902  
Elms, Mary 1843 1928  wife of Joab
Elms, Moley 06-12-1869     10-26-1929  
Fagan, Amelia Flora 10-17-1903     05-30-1998  dau of W. Joe and Flora Wagner
Franklin, Cleo 05-20-1890     04-24-1912 wife of Charles Sledge son of Nathaniel, maiden name was Isom
Franklin, Mazury A. 11-16-1852     03-21-1935 second wife of Nathaniel, maiden name was Tunnel
Franklin, Nathaniel J.  1839     1917  “Cpl Co K 1st Texas Cavalry Confederate States Army”. Nathaniel was born in Birmingham, England.  See biography page.