Indian Creek Cemetery

Comanche County, Texas



Meeting Minutes June 2, 1974

Meeting called to order by President Bonnie Biggs. Song led by Russel Nance with Inez Haynie at the piano. Rena (Burdette) gave the invocation and Bonnie asked if there was anyone here for the first time.

Cecil Holcomb said it was the first time he had been here since he left in October 1923 when he went to California. Mrs. Luker's sister, Della Keeting, said it was her first time and she was glad to be here, but that she had been coming here since she was a little girl. Hays and Golda Gleaton said last year was their first time to be here.

Preston Bowman said it was nice to see this church still open, that it had been here since 1885 and that he wants to write a history of this church, and hopes to have it done by next year.

Alma Nance said she was the oldest boy's baby girl and the last one of her daddy's family. Ruby York said she was glad to be here, but that she was the daughter of the youngest boy. Several were recognized from Brownwood, Odessa, and Georgetown. Hackie (Langley) said this place was next to heaven to him and it should be because it was here that he found the Lord.

Rena (Burdette) said she could not talk for bawling, but she had been here all her life and was not able to continue being secretary. This place owes her a big thanks for all the nice things she has done.

Pierce Holcomb said he was from Stephenville and that his father was J. M. Holcomb and that he would never forget the old church. He asked about several older ones, but they were all gone. He said that Mrs. Ada Huff was his Sunday school teacher and that the old arbor looked so familiar and he was so glad to be back. Bernice Stokes and wife were glad to be here. Butel Luker said Indian Creek Church had turned out more preachers than any other church known to us.

Memorial services for eight known to have passed away since the last meeting. A song Beautiful River led by Russel quartet with the congregation joining in on the last verse. A beautiful poem by Bonnie (Biggs) that compared this life to a flower, then Cecil Holcomb led (the congregation) in prayer. At this time, Bonnie (Biggs) said she and Rena (Burdette) just went ahead and had the roof put on the tabernacle and they did not have enough money to pay for it, so they just borrowed it out of the church fund. Everyone thought that was just fine and were so glad they went ahead and got the roof on.

Minutes of the last meeting were approved and the financial report was approved. We had $1,053.90 in the bank, with expenses of $711.11 leaving a balance in the bank of $845.34. Tabernacle fund was $155.80 donated and full cost of the roof was $206.87, leaving a difference of $51.07.

Great big thanks go to Brady (York) for getting Mr. Patton to level off the ruts in front of the church.

Preston (Bowman) asked if you still want the church painted? Paint has gone up to where it will cost more than it would have a year ago, approx. $600.00. Rena (Burdette) suggested that we vote on it. Brady (York) suggested that Preston talk to the Trustees, but none where present during the meeting. It was decided to table this for one year.

Bonnie said that they had bought a sprayer. Brady said that it was at his house and Walter Beam said that the tank was at his house.

The following were voted into office: President - Hackie Langley; Vice-President - David Luker; Secretary - Inez Haynie; Treasurer - Bonnie Biggs. Trustees will be Brady York, Margaret Burks, David Luker. Water and Ice: Hackie Langley. Bread: Bonnie Biggs. Cemetery Committee: A. P. Burks and Butel Luker. Program Committee: Same as this year.

New business came up to change the date of the Homecoming and after much discussion, Hilton made the motion that we leave it the 1st Sunday in June. Motion was seconded by Preston. Motion carried.

Mr. Curb was the oldest attending at 92. Cecil Holcomb traveled the farthest - California.

Glenn Bowman had suggested that the donations be put in a savings account to keep cemetery. Ella made motion and was seconded by Macon to table this at this time.

There was no other business at this time and we adjourned to the tabernacle to spread dinner. Invocation was given by Hackie and plenty of good food for everyone which was thoroughly enjoyed by all present.