Indian Creek Cemetery

Comanche County, Texas



Meeting Minutes June 1, 1975 Opening:

The meeting was called to order by President Hackie Langley. Invocation was given by Iris Carter. The services were opened by John Steele leading in the song Gathering Home with Inez Haynie on piano. Devotion was given by Rev. Stewart Caffey, who spoke on Doing The Best We Can With What We Have To Do With and also saying that he was a product of Indian Creek, that his grandmother was Vera Allen Stewart and he still had lots of kinfolks here.

Present: John Steele said he believed he was the oldest person here and that he was so glad to be here, but he was like the one talent person in the Bible, only he was doing nothing. Several people said that was not true and that he had always done a lot. John said he joined the church in 1914. Aubrey Jones remembers John when Aubrey was a small boy and he was so glad to be here and glad he was a part of the "kissing cousins" and that this was the kissingest bunch he has ever seen, but he sure liked it. Hilton said we are all kinfolks and that it was good to be here Lucille Williams(?) said that this was her first time to be here and that she was thoroughly enjoying it. Macon (Haynie) recalled the camp meeting days and the big crowds and camping all over for a revival. Imogene Luker recalled the days of her father's pastorate here and has fond memories of his standing in the pulpit. She said that her mother-in-law, Mrs. Luker, was real sick and hated she could not be here. Evelyn Love said she was happy to be here, and she showed it by kissing every body here. L. B. Bowman said he was glad to be here, that they had missed last year. They were on a Caribbean cruise and from all the poverty that they saw, it sure made them appreciate this country more. This is a wonderful place to live. Edith (Shaw) said she was the youngest adult here and was so glad to be here. Elva (McDonald) said she had bad luck getting here. When she turned a corner, her pie spilled, but wasn't in such bad shape after all. Alma (Nabors)? said she had been here a good while and recalled the camp meeting days and that they had camped during the Revival Days.

A. Approval of Minutes The financial report indicated that we had $1141.34 with $201.97 in expenses. We had received $243.00 during the year leaving a total of $1182.37 in the bank.

B. Old Business None

C. New Business Keeping up the cemetery was foremost in everyone's mind, so Bonnie said it was cheaper to have it hoed, but it was sure hard to find someone that would work. The question came up as to what to do with the money in the bank asking Bonnie how much she thought it would take to keep the cemetery up. She said about $200.00. L.B (Bowman) made motion seconded by John (Keeter)? to put a $1,000.00 in Savings. After discussion, motion carried.

Officers elected were: John Keeter, President; Hackie Langley, Vice-President; Bonnie Biggs, Treasurer; Inez Haynie, Secretary. Trustees will be: Brady York, David Luker, and Rena Burdette. Program Committee: Same Ice and Water: Hackie and Chester Bread: Bonnie

D. Agenda for Next Meeting Next meeting will be held on the first Sunday of June, 1976.

Adjournment: Meeting was adjourned at 12 Noon scheduled to meet again the first Sunday in June 1976 at Indian Creek Church.

Minutes submitted by: Inez Haynie Approved by: John Keeter