Indian Creek Cemetery

Comanche County, Texas



Meeting Minutes
June 6, 1976


Meeting was called to order by President John Keeter. Invocation was by John Steele


Garland Carmichael first time in two years.

Floy Tipps Bean first time in two years and feels good.

Alma Kearney Steele said home doesn't natural since the house burned.

Chester Tupin second time here from Dallas.

Arley and Bea (Bowman) first time in three years.

Margaret Burks, Ella Stewart, and Paul Luker were glad to be back.

A. Approval of Minutes

Minutes and financial report were accepted as read. A. P. Burks was glad that we had $1,000.00 in savings. John Steele spoke of the Cox Cemetery in Sidney that had $4,000 in savings and that it was almost enough to maintain that cemetery. Macon made motion that we notify all concerned for donations.

B. Old Business

C. New Business

Question was brought to the floor concerning cost of insurance on church building. Bonnie said it was $4,000.

Billy Harrison reported that rust had ruined the water tank and he offered $20 as one end is rusted out. (Chester) Tupin made motion and seconded by Macon (Haynie) that we sell. Motion carried.

Bonnie (Biggs) read letter from Lewis Redwine.

L. B. (Bowman) made motion and was seconded by Brady York that the cemetery be sprayed instead of hoed. Motion carried.

Officers elected: Paul Luker, President; Brady York, Vice-President; Inez Haynie, Secretary; Ruby York, Treasurer; Bonnie, Reporter;

Trustees and Committees remain the same.

D. Agenda for Next Meeting

None specified for the first Sunday in June, 1977.


Meeting was adjourned due to weather to meet the first Sunday in June, 1977, at Indian Creek Church.

Minutes submitted by: INEZ HAYNIE

Approved by: PAUL LUKER