Indian Creek Cemetery

Comanche County, Texas


Meeting Minutes June 3, 1978

Opening: The annual meeting of the Indian Creek Cemetery Association was called to order at 11:00 am on June 3, 1978, at the Indian Creek Church by Paul Luker, President. Lloyd Coker gave the invocation.

Present: Hilton Stewart, Mr. and Mrs. John Steele, Paul and Imogene Luker, Rena Burdette, Beulah A. Roberts, Mattie and Aubrey and Vonda Jones, Evelyn Love, Grace Bowman, Rev. and Mrs. Lloyd Coker, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Spears, Carol Spears, Edith Shaw, Otho Isham, Elva McDonald, Bill and Jim Morvent, John David Luker, Mr. and Mrs. Hayes Gleaton, Florence Bowman, Hackie and Sue Langley, Hollis and Patricia Perkins, Fred and Joy and Mike and Tommy Carter, Billy and Verla Clements, Tricia Carter, Ila Day, Arley and Bea Bowman, G. C. Carmichael, Otho and Maudie Ferrell - Killeen, L. B. and Margaret Bowman, Ella Hunt - Odessa, Lois Moore, Brady and Ruby York, Hazel Fields, Faye Harris, Bonnie Biggs.

A. Approval of Minutes Minutes and financial report were approved as read and presented.

B. Old Business

C. New Business Due to fact that a dairy is now beside the church property, L. B. stated that the Association could meet at his restaurant in Early, Texas, at no fee for as long as he lives. No action was taken. Joe Bowman made motion that Aubrey Jones, president elect, appoint a committee of three and study the condition of the church and report back at next year's meeting. Seconded by Harl Pinkard. Motion carried. $2,900.00 raised for the endowment fund making for a total of $9,617.00.

D. Agenda for Next Meeting Next meeting will be held on the first Sunday of June, 1979.

Adjournment: Meeting was adjourned by Paul Luker. The next general meeting will be the first Sunday in June 1979 at a location to be determined later.

Minutes submitted by: RENA BURDETT

Approved by: AUBREY JONES