Indian Creek Cemetery

Comanche County, Texas



Meeting Minutes June 1, 1980

Opening: Meeting was called to order by Aubrey Jones, President, at 10:30 am, June 1, 1979. Rena Burdette welcomed the guests and then led the congregation in song with Where We'll Never Grow Old. A music program followed with David Luker on violin and Nancy Franks on organ. A quartet of Hackie and Sue Langley with Fred Robertson and Dale Steele sang two songs. David Luker followed with How Great Thou Art.

Present: Aubrey and Mattie Jones, Rena Burdette, David Luker, Hackie and Sue Langley, Nancy Franks, Fred Robertson, Dale Steele, Mr. and Mrs. Karl McClain, Lucie Hopkins, Fay Henderson, Edith Forbes, Harl Pinkard, Mr. and Mrs. John Steele, Otho Isham, L. B. and Margaret Bowman, Arley and Bea Bowman, Odis Clayton, Rev. and Mrs. Lloyd Coker, Ella Hart, Hilton Stewart, Vance and Gala Scheester, Hayes and Nancy Franks, Sis Meyers, Brady and Ruby York, Bonnie Biggs, Ethel Milton, Sam and Lois Boatman, Russel and Alma and Lyndon Nance, Mary and Gail York, A. P. and Margaret Burks, Mr. and Mrs. Edward and Mark Isham, Elberta Atterbury, Chester and Beulah Evans, Florence Bowman, Mr. and Mrs. Hayes Gleaton, Annie Curb, Paul and Imogene Luker, Iris Carter, Betty McCool, Mr. and Mrs. Garland Collins, Dan Robertson, Rev. and Mrs. John Lukert, Amy and Judy Lukert.

A. Approval of Minutes: Minutes were approved as read by Lois Boatman. Financial report was made by Ruby York and L. B. Bowman reported that the endowment fund was at $11,000.00.

B. Old Business: Gail York reported that repairs to the church building remodeling or restoring would be $790.00 and furnished with electricity.

C. New Business: Harl Pinkard made the motion to sell building at auction, but retain the land. Discussion followed. Buetel is to check on church papers. Brady York took some boys to the cemetery and the weeds were poisoned. Motion was made to put monies collected for repairing the church in the endowment fund. Motion carried.

Officers elected were: Aubrey Jones, President; Brady York, Vice-President; Lois Boatman, Secretary; Lucile Wilson, Treasurer. Trustees were: Hackie Langley, Lloyd Coker, David Luker

Those traveling the farthest were: Mr. and Mrs. Karl McClain - Los Alamos, California; Lucie Hopkins - Santa Barbara, California; Fay Henderson and Edith Forbes - Ajau, California. The congregation sang God Be With You 'Till We Meet Again and then retired to lunch and visitation. Benediction given by John Steele.

D. Agenda for Next Meeting: Next meeting will be held on the first Sunday of June, 1981.

Adjournment: Meeting was adjourned at 12:00 pm by Aubrey Jones. The next general meeting will be on the first Sunday in June 1981 at the Lake Eanes Park, Comanche County, Texas.

Minutes submitted by: LOIS BOATMAN

Approved by: AUBREY JONES