Indian Creek Cemetery

Comanche County, Texas


Meeting Minutes June 6, 1982

Opening: The second meeting of the Board of Directors of the Indian Creek Cemetery Association of Comanche County was held on June 6, 1982 at Lake Eanes Park. L. B. Bowman, President, presided over the meeting.

Present: L.B. Bowman, Gale York, Aubrey Jones, Brady York, Bonnie Biggs, Rena Burdette, Lloyd Coker.

A. Approval of Minutes: Minutes were approved as read. The amount of money on deposit at this time is as follows: Savings Account - $12,758.67; Pas Book - $1,696.70.

B. Old Business: L.B. Bowman announced that the charter for this organization had been approved as well as the exemption on state tax.

C. New Business: It was decided to order a check book from Southern Savings and Loan. When checks are received, Gale York, Secretary, will pay all outstanding bills. Committee was advised that the principal amount of money deposited in the Association's name may not be reduced. To do so would constitute a felony. Any money that is added to the principal total on deposit must remain there permanently. The interest from the principal amount deposited will be used for the purpose of improving and maintaining the cemetery. Since the money on deposit at this time will mature in the next three days, L.B. Bowman is to search for the highest rate of interest available and a decision will be made at that time if the money should be moved to another savings institute.

D. Agenda for Next Meeting: None stated.

Adjournment: There being no further business, the meeting adjourned until the first Sunday in June, 1983.

Minutes submitted by: GALE YORK

Approved by: L. B. BOWMAN