Indian Creek Cemetery

Comanche County, Texas


Meeting Minutes June 2, 1985

Opening: The annual meeting of the Indian Creek Cemetery Association was called to order at the Travelers Steak House an opened with a prayer by president Lloyd Coker. Aubrey Jones led the program and all sang together the hymn Amazing Grace. Others participating in the program were Rena Burdette, Lloyd Coker, and Mistee Rainey. Lloyd Coker brought the main message of the morning. The theme of his sermon being the Story of Joan, a message on circumstance with the most important point being, God is above everything. Aubrey Jones closed the program with a prayer.

Present: Sixteen people attended the meeting.

A. Approval of Minutes: The recording secretary for the current year resigned and Bonnie Biggs acted as secretary for the business meeting. Minutes were approved as read by Lloyd Coker.

B. Old Business:

C. New Business: Election of officers for the coming year was held. L.B. Bowman nominated and Gale York seconded for Lloyd Coker. Nominations ceased and Lloyd Coker was elected. Gale York nominated and L. B. Bowman seconded nomination of Paul Luker for vice-president. Nominations ceased and Paul Luker was elected. Recording secretary and treasurer: Aubrey Jones nominated Reva Coke McLaughlin and L.B. Bowman seconded the nomination with the vote being unanimous. L.B. Bowman nominated Aubrey and Mattie Jones for Program Chairman with Mary Coker seconding the nomination. The vote was unanimous in their favor. Gale York remains in position of secretary of the cemetery association. $44.00 was collected for postage and cards to be used in the 1986 meeting. Gale York gave a complete financial report on the checking account for the association with the ending balance at time of report being $3,298.74. Ideas and suggestions for creating more interest among the younger people to get them to attend the meetings. Mary Coker suggested that everyone write someone and try to create interest in this manner. Discussion concerning the matter of the meeting date and the possibility of so many not being aware when the meeting is held. Discussion concerning the weed control of the cemetery. Some 60 feet on the new part of the had not been sprayed. L.B. Bowman brought up the need for work to be done on the cemetery. Gravel needed to be purchased and used in the cemetery to keep the ground from washing away so bad. It was decided to wait until a later date to spray the cemetery and to put levees on north side to keep that area from washing.

D. Agenda for Next Meeting: Next meeting will be held on the first Sunday of June 1, 1986, at the Travelers Steak House in (Early) Brownwood, Texas, beginning at 10:00 am.

Adjournment: Meeting was adjourned after solo by Mistee Rainey.

Minutes submitted by: REVA COKER MCLAUGHLIN

Approved by: LLOYD COKER