Indian Creek Cemetery

Comanche County, Texas


Meeting Minutes June 1, 1986

Opening: Meeting was called to order by the president, Lloyd Coker at 1:00 pm. at the Travelers Steak House in (Early) Brownwood, Texas.


A. Approval of Minutes:

B. Old Business:

C. New Business: Discussion was made as to whether to continue the Homecoming part of the meeting as attendance had been low. It was voted to continue another year with everyone present making an effort to get others to come, especially kins people. Motion made by Hilton Stewart and seconded by Arley Bowman to have the meeting at Travelers Steak House in 1987. Motion carried. The question of the condition of the cemetery was discussed. With the exception of two graves caved in and some water erosion on the north side, everything appeared in fine shape. Acknowledgment of a job well done was given Edward Isham, Garland Collins, and Gale York. The question of what to do with the old church building was presented. With insurance cancelled, building falling down, L.B. Bowman suggested getting bids to sell the building. Lloyd Coker made the suggestion to keep the tabernacle for future use, as it would not take a great amount to repair and keep it up. Paul Luker made a suggestion to use the rocks in the foundation as a base for a permanent marker. Motion carried after seconded. Motion was made that L.B. Bowman be in charge of efforts of disposing of building. L.B. Bowman then asked for a committee to assist in the disposal. Gale York and Garland Collins were elected with the president of the Association the permanent member of the committee. A permanent marker was discussed and it was suggested by L.B. Bowman that the names of all the ministers and Sunday school superintendents sent forth from the church be included and engraved on the marker. The marker is to be of enduring quality that will bear the ravages of time. Imogene Luker made a suggestion that more effort be made to involve more young people in the project. Motion was made by Edward Isham and seconded by Paul Luker that the building disposal committee also be in charge of the erecting the memorial marker with the proceeds from the building. Motion carried.

Election of officers: Same officers as currently in office.

D. Agenda for Next Meeting Next meeting will be held on the first Sunday of June, 1987.

Adjournment: Meeting was adjourned at 2:00 pm with a prayer by Rena Burdette. The next general meeting will be at 10:00 am on the first Sunday in June 1987 at the Travelers Steak House in Brownwood (Early), Texas.

Minutes submitted by: GALE YORK

Approved by: LLOYD COKER