Indian Creek Cemetery

Comanche County, Texas



Meeting Minutes June 7, 1987

Opening: The meeting was opened at 10:00 am by prayer and words of welcome from Rev. Lloyd Coker, president. A musical program was presented with David Luker, violinist, and Pauline Hudson and Linda George, of Rising Star, vocalist and pianist. A devotional was given by Rev. Glenn Bowman and additional selections were presented by each musician. After benediction of program, members met for visitation and lunch.


A. Approval of Minutes: Business meeting was called to order by Lloyd Coker, president. The minutes for the previous meeting were approved as read by Lloyd Coker. Gale York presented the Treasurer's report. Report was approved as presented.

B. Old Business: L. B. Bowman reported that the building had been sold to Fred Johnson, who was to clean up the grounds after its removal.

C. New Business: Motion was made by Teresa Bowman and seconded by Preston Bowman to add the names of the Sunday School Superintendents to those of the ministers which were to be inscribed on the permanent marker to be erected at the church site. Motion carried. Motion was made by Aubrey Jones and seconded by Preston Bowman, that $1,000 be transferred from the operating fund to the permanent fund. Motion carried. Discussion was made on the use of Roundup, a herbicide, for weed control at the cemetery. Charles Bowman nominated Edward Isham as a replacement trustee for the Board of Trustees (Directors). Aubrey Jones seconded the motion. Motion carried. Motion was made by L.B. Bowman and seconded by Paul Luker to retain Lloyd Coker as president. Motion carried. Motion was made by L.B. Bowman and seconded by Rena Burdette for Marie Bowman as secretary. Motion carried. President Coker called for three nominations for the entertainment or program committee. Those presented were: Aubrey Jones, Hackie Langley and Sue Langley. Second was made by L.B. Bowman. Motion carried. A presentation was made by Marie Bowman concerning an invitation from the Board Baptist Church to be their guests during next year's homecoming reunion. There would be luncheon facilities, a morning service honoring the Indian Creek Community and families, a time of remembering during the morning service, and facilities available for the business meeting -- Celebrating Indian Creek. L.B. Bowman stated that the present building would be available without charge, even in the event the building was leased, however, members would need to furnish their own food in the future. Hackie Langley mentioned the possibility of using the Comanche Community Center for future reunions. The vote on the location for the 1988 meeting was the Travelers Steak House in Brownwood (Early), Texas. A suggestion was made by Glenn Bowman that the secretary write a letter of thanks to the Board Church for their invitaion. Glenn Bowman suggested that the tabernacle be maintained at the church site.

D. Agenda for Next Meeting: Next meeting will be held on the first Sunday of June, 1988.

Adjournment: Meeting was adjourned by Lloyd Coker after prayer.

Minutes submitted by: MARIE BOWMAN

Approved by: LLOYD COKER