Indian Creek Cemetery

Comanche County, Texas



Meeting Minutes June 03, 2007

Opening: The annual meeting of the Indian Creek Cemetery Association was called to order at the Comanche Community Center by Wayne T. Parsons II, President. Dale Biggs gave the invocation.

A. Approval of Minutes: The minutes of the previous meeting were given. Motion by LaVerne Dillashaw and seconded by LaVelle Parsons to accept minutes as read. Motion carried with one correction that Mrs. Horace Neely's funeral was the one that Hall & Sons Funeral Home still owes $100.00 fee to the Association. Treasurer's report was given by Gail York, Treasurer. The Association has a total of $3,825.69 in the checking account at Texas Bank of Brownwood, Texas. The two CD's in Texas Bank have been combined with a combined balance of $37,500.00. The Association has a CD with Comanche National Bank for $10,000.00. Motion was made by Venetia Scott and seconded by Edward Isham to accept and approve Treasurer's report. Motion carried.

B. Old Business: A safety deposit box is unavailable at the present time, but the Association is on the waiting list for one. Four burials were made at the Cemetery during the past year: Georgia Belle Pate Rogers, Idarene Luker, Horace Neely, and Patricia Ann Perkins.

C. New Business Discussion about the By-laws of the Association: per Association by-laws, 25 members of the Association must be present before any business can be voted on. After discussion, motion was made by Venetia Scott and seconded by LaVerne Dillashaw that Association continue, as in previous years, to conduct and vote on business items today until By-laws can be amended. Motion was made by Beverly Herrin and seconded by Carol Williams that Karen Wilkerson and LaVelle Parsons be appointed as a Committee to begin work on By-laws revisions. Motion carried. Motion was made by Edward Isham and seconded by Dale Biggs that $10,000.00 be transferred from CD, maturing on the 12th (of June 2007), to checking account to be used for improvements and maintenance of the Cemetery. Motion carried. Discussion was held on hiring Nicky Wilkerson to maintain Cemetery at a cost of $200.00 per month, for two days per month. This would include the whole 5 acres of Association owned land of which 1/4 is existing cemetery (burials). No action was taken at this time. Motion was made by Robert Williams and seconded by Venetia Scott that the following officers be approved for the coming year: President, Wayne T. Parsons II; Vice-President, L.B. Bowman; Secretary-Treasurer, Gail York. Motion carried. Traveling the farthest: Coker family from Corsicana

D. Agenda for Next Meeting Next meeting will be held on Sunday of June 01, 2008, at the Comanche Community Center.

Adjournment: Motion was made to adjourn and seconded. Motion carried and meeting was adjourned by Wayne T. Parsons II. Benediction was given by Karen Wilkerson.

Minutes submitted by: FAYLENE BROWN

Approved by: WAYNE T. PARSONS II