Indian Creek Cemetery

Comanche County, Texas


The annual Indian Creek Howecoming was held May 29th with about 175 people in attendance. The weather was beautiful which added to the confort of everyone present.

The meeting opened with vice-president, Tom Luker, presiding. After a cordial welcome, everyone was invited to speak and time was alloted for memorial for those that had pasted during the past year. 

Rena Burdette and Bonnie Biggs had written a brief hisory of the community which was read by Bonnie. 

Brother Frank Steele brought the devotional in the absence of Rev. R. L. Bowman, who was unable to attend the meeting. His subject was "What think ye of Christ?". 

By this time everyone was getting hungary, so the group gathered under the Tabernacle and Rev. B. L. McCord asked the blessing a bounteous feast was enjoyed by everyone. After the meal and visitation, group singing was enjoyed by many.  

Those attending the homecoming were: Mrs. E. C. Cozart, Robert Shewcraft, Mr. and Mrs. Macon Haynie, Ernest Stewart, Mrs. Ehtel Milton, and H. W. Williams all of California. 

Thomas Newner, Canton Ohio; Mr. and Mrs. Winston Love, Byars, Oklahoma; Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Williams, Mr. and Mrs. Dan Adams, Angela and Tim, Mrs. Beulah Davai, Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Bowman of Lubbock; Mrs. Inez Burrow, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Steele of Houston; Harl Pinkard, Sweetwater; Mr. and Mrs. Gaston William and Mr. and Mrs. M. B. Barcroft of Arlington; Mr. and Mrs. John W. Steele of Levelland.  

Also Mrs. Florence Bowman of Hamilton; Mr. and Mrs. Jasper Tarrant of Mt. Selman; Mr. and Mrs. Jack Tarrant of Jacksonville; Mr. and Mrs. Dee Love of Eldorado; Mr. and Mrs. G. W. York and Gala of Wichita Falls; Mrs. Yvonne Stewart of Brownsfield; Mr. and Mrs. Elton Stewart of Odessa. 

Also Mrs. O. Goodlett, Wichita Falls; Mr. and Mrs. Sanders Edmundson, Coleman; Mr. and Mrs. Ray Shook, Hico; Mrs. Ada Braziel, Point; Mr. and Mrs. O.D. Johnson and Mr. and Mrs. Ruocco, Gustine; Mr. and Mrs. Jim Wilkerson, De Leon; Mr. and Mrs. Dale Biggs, Karen, Kay and Kim and Mervin Bowman of Brownwood; Mr. and Mrs. Fred Clark and Naomi, Blanket; and Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Morgan of De Leon.  

Also J. A. Jones, Mr. and Mrs. Dewey Williams, Bob Love, Hazel Fields, Mr. and Mrs. Tom Luker, Mrs. Clara Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. H. Langley and Paul, M. H. Curb, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Gleaton, Mrs. D. F. McCarthy, W. D. McCarthy, Mr. and Mrs. B. R. McCorkle, Mrs. Dollie Pinkard, Mr. and Mrs. F. J. Wood, Mr. and Mrs. J. E. McGuire, Mr. and Mrs. Luther Steward, H. C. Bowman, O. E. Bowman, Mrs. C. W. Haslett, Mrs. Mae Riley, Mrs. Kate Williams, Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Bowman, Mr. and Mrs. Herman Northcutt, Mrs. Ada Spivey, Rev. B. L. McCord, Charlie Nance, Miss Golda Nance, Mr. and Mrs. Chester Carter, Mr. and Mrs. A. P. Burks, Mr. and Mrs. Atho Isham, N. F. Williams, Rena Burdette, Bonnie Biggs, and Rev. and Mrs. Ross Dublin all of Comanche.