Indian Creek Cemetery

Comanche County, Texas


Friends and ex-residents of the Indian Creek Community started registeration about 10:00 o'clock for the annual homecoming and for the dedication of a historical marker tracing the history of Indian Creek.

The President Tom Luker, presided over the business part of the program, at which time he asked that he not be re-elected as president. Mervin Bowman was elected President and Macon Haynie was elected Vice-President. 

Short talks were made by several member. Macon Haynie said he had bought a home in Brownwood and will be moving from California in about ninety days.

The Secretary had letters from several of the members saying that they were sorry they could not come.

The group then assembled at the Historical Marker for the dedication service. Inez Bowman and Ruby York unveiled the marker, with a little assistance. Speaker at the dedication was Mervin Bowman of Brownwood, who traced the history of the Methodist Church there to the present day.  

First settled in 1851, the site of the community had been used as an indian encampment which led to the name Indian Creek.  

The benediction was given by Maco Haynie. 

Next all gathered under the Tabernacle for bounteous lunch.

The afternoon was spent in singing and visiting.