Indian Creek Cemetery

Comanche County, Texas



Meeting Minutes June 01,2014

The Indian Creek Cemetery Association was called to order by President, Jimmy Pate.

Secretary, Venetia Scott, reported there was a quorum and business could be transacted.

Minutes of the 2013 meeting were read. Faylene Brown made the motion to approve the minutes. L.B. Bowman seconded the motion. Motion carred.

Jimmy Pate gave the treasurers report. as of May 30, 2014, the Association had $49,321.20 (see attached).

CEMETERY REPORT: 1. Jimmy Pate reported there had been one burial in the cemetery in the past year. 2. When all the unknown grave markers are put down there will be approximately 150 markers.

NEW BUSINESS: 1. LaVelle Parsons made a motion we hire someone to keep the cemetery. Beverly Herrin seconded the motion. Motion carried. 2. LaVelle Parsons made the motion to turn the electricity on at the well. Jimmy Pate seconded the motion. Motion carried.


President: Jimmy Pate and L.B. Bowman were nominated. Jimmy Pate was elected.

Vice-President: Faylene Brown and LaVelle Parsons were nominated. Faylene Brown was elected.

Treasurer: Cyndi Pate was nominated for Treasurer. LaVelle Parsons moved that we elect Cyndi by acclamation. Motion carried.

Secretary: LaVelle Parsons nominated Beverly Herrin for Secretary and moved that we elect her by acclamation. Motion carried.

Directors: Those nominated for Directors were: Venetia Scott, Bob Williams, Jody Pate, LaVern Dillashaw, Don Samuels, and Dwayne Petty. Mr. Petty withdrew because he was not eligible because he did not have a relative buried in the cemetery. LaVelle Parsons made the motion to elect Venetia Scott, Bob Williams, LaVerne Dillashaw, Jody Pate, and Don Samuels by acclamation. Motion carried.

Before Adjourment, Jimmy Pate, asked if we wanted to continue to meet on the first Sunday in June at the community center. It was agreed to continue. Meeting Adjourned.

Secretary, Venetia Scott