Indian Creek Cemetery

Comanche County, Texas

Indian Creek Cemetery Association

Minutes June 3, 2018

The Director's meeting was called to order at 11:30am by Mr. Wayne Parsons. In attendance were Venetia Scott, Bob Williams, Jimmy Pate, LaVerne Dillashaw, Faylene Brown, and Gala Samuels.

New Business Mr. Pate made a motion to accept minutes from last year's meeting that had been submitted by Mrs. BrownMr. Williams seconded the motion.  Motion passed.

Mrs. Samuels made a motion to accept the Treasurer's Report as presented and motion was seconded by Mrs. Dillashaw.  Motion passed.

Old Business: Mr. Parsons revisited the need to update the By-Laws. He presented an edited version of the by-laws. After review of the submitted edition of the by-laws, Mrs. Dillashaw made the motion to accept the updated by-laws as presented. Mr. Pate seconded the motion and motion passed by acclamation.

A discussion was then made by Mr. Parsons of John Brock.  Mr. Brock is the gentleman that has been seeing to the upkeep of the cemetery at $200.00 per trip to the cemetery for cleaning and mowing.  Motion was made by Mr. Pate to continue using Mr. Brock and motion was seconded by Mrs. Scott.  Motion passed by acclamation. 

A discussion was made on ways to deter partying by locals at the cemetery.  It was mentioned the Mr. and Mrs. Hicks live nearby and it is hoped that this might deter the partying in the future.

Mrs. Dillashaw requested a cement runner around a grave and she was directed to contact Roy Sliger of Comanche.

Mrs. Scott asked about changing the meeting time.  After a lenghty discussion, the Directors tabled the issue until a future date.

A discussion was then begun about moving the meeing to a new location.  Mrs. Brown stated that the Community Center new rate will be $75.00 with a $125.00 deposit.  Mrs. Brown further stated that the meeting room at the Comanche Housing Authority will cost $40.00.  After discussion, no action was taken.

There being no further business, motion for adjournment was presented by Mrs. Dillashaw and seconded  by Gala Samuels.  Motion passed and meeting was adjourned at 12:04pm.

Meeting of the association was called to order at 12:45 by the Presiden, Wayne Parsons.  There were 25 in attendance.  

Faylene Brown presented the Treasurer's Report and Beverly Herrin presented the minutes of the 2017 meeting.  Jimmy Pate made the motion to accept as presented the Treasurer's Report and the 2017 minutes.  LaVelle Parsons seconded the motion.  Motion passed.

LaVelle Parsons expressed a desire to have some activity at the church and cemetery grounds as in the past.  Mr. Parsons related that he believed that would be a wonderful idea as the cemetery was being used as "party central" by youths and orthers.  They are trashing the cemetery and vandalizing the headstones.  He then went on to share that he felt a structure could be built for around $10,000.00 on the old church site, but first we needed to have a new survey done and formally reclaim the property that has been used by the neighbors.  Motion was made by LaVerne Dillashaw to obtain more information on construction of a building, reclaim all the property by survey, and checked pricing and information on fencing for the property.  Motion was seconded by Gala Samuels.  Motion passed by acclamation.

The changes to the Association By-Laws were presented to the general membership for review and discussion.  After review and discussion, a motion was made by Bob Williams to accept the changes as presented to the By-Laws and motion was seconded by Mr. Coker.  Motion passed by acclamation.

Venetia Scott revisited the possibility of having the meeting on a Saturday or a different weekend to encourage better attendance.  After discussion, motion was made by Mrs. Scott that Mr. Parsons could explore different locations and if one is foun, he can notify the membership where the meeting will be conducted and if no location found, we would continue to meet at the present location.  Motion was seconded by Mr. Coker.  Motion passed by acclamation.

Lavelle Parsons made motion to keep the same officers for the association.  Motion was seconded by Mr. Coker.  Passed by acclamation.  Carol Sue Williams made motion to keep the same Directors and seconded by LaVelle Parsons.  Passed by acclamation.

Motion was made to adjourne the meeting until June 2, 2020, by LaVerne Dillashaw and seconded by Gala Samuels.  Passed by acclamation.

Meeting was adjourned at 1:15pm.