Indian Creek Cemetery

Comanche County, Texas

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Nabers, Buena Vista 07-03-1889     06-16-1941 wife of Joseph D
Nabers, Joseph Dudley 05-01-1884     03-04-1963 husband of Buena Vista
Neely, Horace Rayford 03-29-1971    11-04-2006 "Hoss", son of Willy Fay Neely
Neely, Neely Fay 04-01-1931    12-28-2005 wife of H. Ray, maiden name was Davidson
Northcutt, Ruby 03-09-1907     11-21-1911 dau of I T and A
Norwood, Baby Girl 09-05-1929     09-05-1929  dau of Noah Webster and Odie R. LaGrona Norwood;  sister of Juanita B. and Thomas L.
Norwood, Lloyd Dale 1936     1946  
Norwood, Martha Dale 01-25-1888     08-14-1954  
Norwood, Susan E. 03-15-1857     07-10-1925 wife of W M
Norwood, Thomas A. 1876     1944 son of William and Susan
Norwood, William M. 01-14-1851     04-22-1928  husband of S E, son of Emeline Harrison
Norwood, Zephyr A. 1879     1953  
Nuttall, Annie Lee 03-31-1893     01-01-1994  wife of (1) R. C. (Richard Columbus) Bowman 12-06-1909 and (2) E F Nuttall about 1931. Maiden name was Hicks.
Parker, Mae 1882     1933  
Parkman, Annie Bell 09-30-1908     12-08-1909 dau of J W and O B
Parkman, Jessie S. 02-16-1860     01-11-1907 wife of William
Parkman, William 03-24-1850     09-10-1925 husband of Jessie
Pate, James T. Jr. 1921     1984  “TEC 4 US Army WWII”; husband of Georgia Belle
Perkins, Dalton 05-11-1923     12-30-1995 husband of Jean
Perkins, Davie Kent born and died 06-22-1953  
Perkins, Jean 03-07-1925     03-18-2006 wife of Dalton
Perkins, Jean 05-15-1933     09-28-2006 daughter of Johnnie and Elva McDonald
Pickerill, Ann 06-05-1906     11-12-1984  
Pinkard, D. P  01-27-1848     10-10-1935  husband of S C, nephew of Jonathan Watson, Frontier Texas Ranger, first to introduce Poland-China Swine in Comanche County, helped to get the lumber and build the first Indian Creek Church. The initials were Daniel Perry.
Pinkard, Dollie 03-18-1882     01-30-1973 wife of Irvin
Pinkard, Harvey S. 06-17-1888     11-17-1889 son of D P and S C
Pinkard, Irvin 09-11-1876     12-16-1955 husband of Dollie
Pinkard, Paul R. 05-09-1880     01-10-1939 son of D P and S C
Pinkard, S. C. 03-29-1849     06-20-1924 wife of D P, dau of Elisha and Margaret Hutchinson Barcroft. Initials were for Sarah Caroline.
Quinn, James O. 06-18-1860     06-30-1918 husband of Nancy E.
Quinn, Nancy E. 03-07-1857     12-17-1939 wife of James O., dau of Robert C. and Mary E Hardin Coker
Rasco, Bertha born and died 1905  
Rasco, Buddy 1912     1915  
Rasco, D. 1869     1938  
Rasco, Ethel born and died 1910  
Rasco, Henry Stell Dec 1906     Nov 1959  
Rasco, Mary 1867     1955  
Rasco, Infant born and died 1908  
Rasco, Infant born and died 1909  
Ray, Morris 00-00-0000     00-00-0000  
Read, Charley C. 08-15-1919     04-10-1956 “PFC 400 Eng Co WWII”
Read, Carrie Bell 1879     1965 wife of David Delk Sr
Read, David Delk Jr. 05-26-1901     10-27-1964 son of David and Carrie
Read, David Delk Sr. 1873     1965 husband of Carrie
Read, H. A. 11-10-1845     11-12-1889  
Read, Infant 00-00-0000     00-00-0000 inf of David and Carrie
Read, Infant 00-00-0000     00-00-0000 inf of David and Carrie
Read, Infant 00-00-0000     00-00-0000 inf of David and Carrie
Read, Sarah 1833     1889  
Redwine, Hannah E. 03-23-1831     12-09-1889  wife of John Asbury, dau of Robert and Elizabeth Lake Coker. Middle name was Elizabeth.
Redwine, Infant 12-03-1900     12-17-1900  son of William Hood and Blanche Redwine
Redwine, James W. 05-10-1884     10-22-1884  son of James Newton and S C
Reese, Jonathan 1870     1954 husband of Ludie
Reese, Ludie 1878     1951 wife of Johnathan
Rogers, Georgia Belle Pate 11-11-1918     12-12-2006 wife of James T. Pate, Jr.
Rodgers, Missouria I. 00-00-1858     07-07-1884 “Age 26 years”, wife of Harrison
Schmidt, Sherry Beth 08-25-1956     08-28-1956  
Segrest, Noble Rudy 04-23-1925     00-00-0000 son of Ann Pickerill
Shaw, C. N. 10-19-1904     08-31-1965  “Freemason”
Shaw, Editha Golda 11-26-1911     07-21-2003  wife of C N, dau of Wm Andrew and Alfha Williams Bowman
Smart, Baby Girl 1928  
Smith, Harriet 02-05-1847     10-24-1936 wife of James E
Smith, James E. 10-25-1840     01-07-1926 husband of Harriet
Smith, Jessie 1887     1947 wife of Will
Smith, Will 1875     1942 husband of Jessie, son of James and Harriet
Spears, Betty 02-03-1943     04-24-2002  wife of Robert, dau of Johnnie and Elva Williams McDonald
Spears, Robert 1940     1979 “PVT US Army”, husband of Betty
Springstead, Charles 10-06-1847     06-28-1929  
Springstead, Luke 01-24-1885     05-30-1969  
Springstead, Opal 00-00-0000     00-00-0000  
Stagner, Allie Gertrude 10-13-1896     01-08-1925  
Starling, Infant born and died 06-11-1896 son of W B and N E
Steward, Evert Eugene 06-06-1913     01-30-1990 husband of Lillie Bell
Steward, Gail W.  08-28-1941     03-25-2013 son of E. E. and Lillie Bell
Steward, Harold Gene born and died 12-26-1935 son of E. E. and Lillie Bell
Steward, Lillie Bell 06-11-1914     04-21-1992  wife of Evert Eugene
Steward, Michael Shawn born and died 10-19-1992  
Stewart, Annie Tinera Caroline 04-18-1844     07-01-1926 “Mother”. Wife of Andrew Jackson Stewart. Maiden name was Coker, dau of M O and Elizabeth McGuire Coker.
Stewart, Andrew Jackson 04-19-1839     11-30-1883 “Father”. Husband of Annie Tinera Caroline Coker, married 07-14-1864 in Comanche. Father of Dock (DW) Stewart.
Stewart, Alma 06-14-1874     11-18-1893  wife of Terry, dau of Daniel and Sarah Barcroft Pinkard. Christian name was Lydia Alma
Stewart, Billy Fort 1908     1961  
Stewart, Dock Wesley 02-04-1878     06-29-1928 husband of Viola Arrainey Allen, married 08-13-1904. Father of Ruby Mae.
Stewart, Ernest P. 1905     1978  
Stewart, George Pierce 09-21-1875     08-04-1914  “Woodmen of the World”, husband of Lee, son of A J and A C, brother of John Owen and W J
Stewart, Hilton 01-16-1911     03-21-1990 “SFC US Army WWII”
Stewart, Infant born and died 05-03-1904 dau of C L and C C
Stewart, Infant born and died 08-12-1905 son of John Owen and Mary
Stewart, John Owen 1866     1951 husband of Mary Della, son of A J and A C, brother of George Pierce and W J
Stewart, Lee 1879     1951 wife of George Pierce, dau of Nathaniel and Missouri Tunnel Franklin, Christian name was Connie Lee
Stewart, Maggie 02-25-1882     01-16-1906  wife of Terry, dau of Daniel and Sarah Barcroft Pinkard. Christian name was Margaret.
Stewart, Mary Della 1869     1953 wife of John Owen
Stewart, O. E. 12-22-1872     05-10-1913 wife of W J
Stewart, Ola 05-17-1901     02-13-1905 dau of George Pierce and Lee
Stewart, Terry 00-00-0000     00-00-0000 husband of (1) Maggie and (2) Alma
Stewart, Viola Arrainey 05-05-1887     02-24-1969 wife of Dock (DW) Wesley married August 13, 1904. Maiden name was Allen. Mother of Ruby Mae.
Stewart, W. J. 1873     1945  husband of O E, son of A J and A C, brother of George and John