Indian Creek Cemetery

Comanche County, Texas

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Taber, Elton Ray born and died 03-04-1946 son of Elton and Lena
Taber, Thomas E. born and died 03-03-1948 son of Elton and Lena
Tatum, C. C. 12-09-1823     01-25-1920  
Taylor, Claudie Carlton 11-09-1904     04-26-1905 son of W T and Dora
Taylor, M. E. 06-28-1828     02-15-1921 wife of J T
Thomas, Beatrice 02-04-1885     06-14-1886  
Thomas, Infant 11-04-1895     11-04-1895  
Thompson, Mrs. C. C. 06-04-1858     02-11-1915 wife of W. A.
Thompson, Cathy 1885     1918 wife of W B
Thompson, Delma E. 1916     1918 dau of W B and Cathy
Thompson, W. A. 1846     1917 husband of C. C.
Thompson, W. B. 1877     1919 husband of Cathy
Tipps, Margaret J. 1869     1954 wife of W A
Tipps, W. A. 1864     1937 “Mike”, husband of Margaret
Tuggle, Anna Bell 01-20-1869     03-26-1905  wife of Thomas H
Tuggle, Richard Paul 11-16-1895     01-22-1918  
Tuggle, Thomas H. 10-13-1857     02-06-1929 husband of Anna Bell, brother of Pauline Criswell
Tunnell, James A. 04-23-1887     07-13-1888 son of James and Sarah
Tunnell, James W. 07-21-1850     05-15-1913 husband of (1) Sarah F. and (2) Mary Francis, son of John W. and Martha Jane Clark Tunnell
Tunnell, John W. 09-08-1823     03-20-1894 husband of Martha Jane
Tunnell, Martha Jane 03-18-1823     11-06-1906 wife of John W
Tunnell, Mary Francis 03-17-1863     12-09-1925  wife of James Wesley
Tunnell, Sarah F. 02-01-1854     12-06-1891 wife of James W, dau of John A. and Hannah E Coker Redwine
Tunnell, T. A. 10-26-1844     04-30-1892  son of John W. and Martha, Christian name was Theodore Adolphos
Turner, Fred C. 01-24-1939     08-30-2010  A true friend of the cemetery
Vanderpool, Artie Barry 02-18-1910     10-13-1980  husband of Vera;  “PVT US Army WWII”
Vanderpool, Vera 08-05-1911     00-00-0000 wife of Artie
Vivrett, Carrie M. 05-16-1859     10-16-1928 wife of L B
Vivrett, L. B. 09-24-1851     08-02-1926  husband of Carrie
Wadkins, Elizabeth 01-10-1819     07-24-1896  
Wagner, Amanda L. 06-02-1855     04-30-1892 maiden name was Wright; 1st wife of Winfield Alexander "W.A." Mother of Mary Jessie(Tunnell), Hattie N. (Tunnell), W. Joe, and Amy Amanda (Roberson)
Wagner, Benjamin Franklin "B.F." 11-30-1843     02-28-1925 “Father”; brother of "W.A." Winfield Alexander
Wagner, Flora S. 11-09-1881     05-18-1970 wife of W Joe
Wagner, M. J. 09-26-1846     12-16-1889 “Mother”; wife of "B.F."
Wagner, Mattie S. 02-16-1857     09-08-1907 2nd wife of W A
Wagner, Winfield Alexander "W.A." 02-28-1848     08-15-1934 husband of (1) Amanda L. Wright, (2) Mattie S., (3) Juanita Pauline Evans, and (4) Florida Bethany Macon. Son of Benjamin Herman Wagner (1802/1881) and Amanda Hill Borland (1811/1882)
Wagner, W. Joe 11-05-1880     12-14-1942 husband of Flora S.
Waldrop, Pearl 09-25-1899     12-30-1900 dau of Claiborne P. and Lula Barcroft Waldrop
Wallace, Reta Mae 03-16-1926     09-28-1945  
Watson, Ellen E. 12-05-1877     06-02-1904 wife of G M
Watson, Emelia 08-04-1812     01-15-1882 wife of Jonathan, Christian name was Permelia Perry
Watson, Eroscus William 06-15-1872     10-13-1939  
Watson, Jonathan 02-22-1807     02-11-1897  husband of Emelia
Way, Emory Tunnell 10-02-1910     11-13-1995  husband of Minnie Gladys
Way, George P. 1876     1918 husband of Rebel
Way, Minnie Gladys 07-27-1911     02-01-1996 wife of Emery
Way, Rebel Franklin 1882     1925 wife of George P, dau of Nathaniel and Missouri Tunnell Franklin
Weathersby, George W. 10-01-1888     07-07-1904  son of J.P. and Texie Weathersby
Weathersby, J. P.  09-01-1837     12-15-1915 husband of Texie M. Vancleave married at Stag Creek, Comanche Co.; born at Corinth, MS; served CSA, Co H, 22nd Mississippi Volunteers; father of 15 children.   
Weathersby, Texie M. 03-18-1856     02-17-1934 wife of J P; maiden name was Vancleave; mother of 15 children
Williams, Alma E. 1910     2003 wife of Herbert
Williams, C. F. 02-17-1870     03-16-1938 husband of Minnie
Williams, Charles W. 1884     1963 son of John Horton and Lucy Ann Tunnell Williams
Williams, Herbert Lee 1909     1998  wife of Alma E
Williams, John Horton 1849     1931 husband of Lucy
Williams, Leah E. 1881     1954 wife of W Felix
Williams, Lucy Ann 1860     1944 wife of John Horton, maiden name was Tunnell
Williams, Mallie 1885     1929  
Williams, Minnie 07-31-1880     12-04-1953  wife of C F
Williams, Troy 07-01-1882     08-22-1964 husband of Vesta; son of John Horton and Lucy Ann Tunnell Williams
Williams, Vesta 06-06-1889     02-08-1966 wife of Troy, married January 28, 1906
Williams, W. Felix 1878     1968 husband of Leah E.;  son of John Horton and Lucy Ann Tunnell Williams
Williamson, Lila Mae 11-01-1925     05-17-2008 wife of Wayne, dau. of Tracy and Quida Mae Keeton Walker and mother of Mary Parsons
Williamson, Wayne L. 11-17-1923     01-22-2008 husband of Lila Mae and father of Mary Parsons
Wilson, Rebecca Williams 09-19-1908     03-24-1986  
York, Brady C. 1908     1983 husband of Ruby; father of Gail W.
York, Gail Wesley  05-25-1930     04-11-2012 husband of Mary and son of Bady C. and Ruby
York, Mary G.  05-12-1933    04-14-2009 wife of Gail W. and mother of Gala
York, Ruby Mae 08-23-1911     05-18-1989 wife of Brady;  mother of Gail Wesley; daughter of Dock and Viola Stewart.
Young, Lorene Pinkard 11-05-1903     12-05-1993