Indian Creek Cemetery

Comanche County, Texas

Biographical Sketches
Elisha H. Barcroft was born June 18, 1809, in Tennessee. His parents were Daniel S. Barcroft (1776 Va - 1850 Cass Co., Tx) and Elizabeth McDunneh. With his young bride, Margaret B. Hutchinson, he relocated to Texas in 1838. The 1840 Census of Texas lists him and his family in Red River County. In 1857, he relocated his family to Comanche County. He was the first Postmaster of Comanche County and served at other times as tax collector and county commissioner. He served as a steward in the Methodist Church, a Freemason, and can be found on the rolls of the Masonic Lodge of Iredell, Texas. A farmer was his primary occupation. He and Margaret had ten children: Marinda C., Lorenzo Dow, William H., James D., Joshua Turner, Margaret Jane, Sarah Caroline, Orcenth Fisher, Elisha Asbury, and Elizabeth F.. Elisha’s brother, Daniel, fought in the battle of San Jacinto. Elisha died November 29, 1895.
J. H. (James Henry) was born November 26, 1859, at Dickson Station, Franklin County (now Colbert County), Alabama. His parents were V. F. (Vinson Frank) and Mary R. J. (Coker) Bowman. J. H. grew up on the family farm in Franklin County about twenty miles southwest of Russellville, Alabama. In 1870, J. H.’s father relocated the family to Comanche County, Texas. On October 5, 1879, he married Eldona McGuire, daughter of James Martin and Margaret Jane (Barcroft) McGuire. He and Eldona lived with her parents and in the 1880’s helped built the two story house that lasted until the 1980’s. The house was located across the road from the cemetery and on a rise south of Indian Creek. J. H. became a leading farmer of the county and had the latest in farm implements. He and Eldona had fifteen children: Henry Carroll, Benny, Richard Columbus, Wesley Levie, William Andrew, Effie Myrtle, Amie Jewel, Lonnie Asbury, Viola, John Mervyn, James Harvey, R. L., Sister (died at birth), and Arley Eldon. J. H. died April 19, 1950.
John Mervyn Bowman: J. M. was born in Comanche County, Texas, September 25, 1899. His parents were J. H. and Eldona (McGuire) Bowman. He grew to manhood on the family farm. He and his brothers had a section of the farm to manage. On August 16, 1923, he married his widowed sister-in-law, Opha (Richardson) Bowman, and became the father to his nephews, Glenn Carroll and L. B. He and Opha had five additional children: Charles Mervyn, LaVelle, LaVerne, James Weldon, and Preston. During the depression, J. M. worked in the oil fields and picked cotton in west Texas. After his twin daughters graduated high school, he relocated his family to Brownwood, Texas. He was employed for many years with Safeway and the Brownwood Hotel. J. M. died October 1, 1971.
Opha Ola Richardson Bowman: Opha was born September 24, 1898, at Red Stripe, Franklin Township, Stone County, Arkansas. Her parents were Elias A. and Ida Blanche Walters Richardson. Elias and Ida had 7 children. Elias was married 5 times and had 21 children. In 1913, Elias moved his family to Talpa, Coleman County, Texas. During the trip, Ida Blanche died and was buried at Lexington, Oklahoma. Opha contracted Rheumatic Fever and was taken in by a family in Joshua, Texas. After almost a year, she joined her father in Talpa. While in Talpa, she met and married Lonnie A. Bowman, who was working for the Santa Fe Railroad. Lonnie's brother, Henry Carroll, was the local Methodist preacher. Lonnie died in 1922 leaving Opha with two sons: Glenn Carroll and L. B. Bowman. In 1923, Opha married Lonnie's brother John Mervyn. She and J. M. had 5 children: Charles, LaVelle, LaVerne, James Weldon, and Preston. She was an assistant to a medical doctor and a seamstress. Opha died January 9, 1980.
V. F. (Vinson Frank) Bowman: V. F. Bowman was born August 26, 1836, Cartersville, Cass County (now Bartow County), Georgia. His parents were Henry and Elizabeth Bowman. His parents and brother, Thadius Clinton Bowman, are buried at the Old Foster Cemetery, Tunnel Hill, Whitfield County, Georgia. About 1855, he married Mary R. J. Coker, daughter of Robert and Elizabeth (Lake) Coker. In December, 1859, he purchased land in Franklin County, Alabama. The land was situated north of the Dismal Canyons and about twenty miles southwest of Russellville, Alabama. During the Civil War, Vince served with Company E, 5th Cavalry Alabama, Confederate States Army under the command of Generals Roddy and Nathan Bedford Forest. Vince served the entire war without wounds or capture, although narrowly missing death or capture at the battle of Selma, Alabama. Vince achieved the rank of Corporal by the end of the war. After the war, Vince returned to the farm to rebuild. The depression in the south and a severe drought between 1865 and 1870 resulted in Vince selling the farm and relocating his family to Comanche County, Texas. He operated a blacksmith shop in Comanche, Texas, and had a gin on Indian Creek. He dealt in real estate and was one of the leading farmers of the county. Vinson and Mary had ten children: Demaries E., James Henry, Thadeus Iver, Martha Jane, Mollie O., Vinson Frank Jr., Franicis Clarabelle, Horton Columbus, Carrie, and Lula. Vince died January 15, 1914.
M. O. Coker was born October 15, 1820, in Georgia. His parents were Robert and Elizabeth (Lake) Coker. About 1842, M. O. married Elizabeth McGuire, daughter of William Spencer and Sarah (Burton) McGuire. From about 1842 to 1855, M. O. farmed and preached the word of God in the area of Gordon, Whitfield and Murray Counties of Georgia. In 1855, guided by his brother-in-laws, James Martin and Dock McGuire, M. O. relocated his family to Bell County, Texas. While in Bell County, M. O. was ordained to preach with the Methodist Church by Reverend Homer S. Thrall. In 1858, M. O. moved his family to Comanche, Texas, to spread the word of God and help establish the Methodist Church in Comanche County. He helped establish the first five Methodist churches in the county, one of which was the Indian Creek Methodist Church. During the Civil War, he served as the County Judge. M. O. and Elizabeth had seven children: Lenard J. W., A.T.C. (Annis Tinera Caroline), Martha S. E., Alfred C., James W. P., Joseph W. P., and Mansel A. C.. M. O. died June 12, 1903. 
Nathaniel J. "Nat" Franklin was born November 15, 1839, in Birmingham, England. At the age of eleven, his father, Edward Johnson Franklin, brought the family to America. With a colony of emigrants, the Franklin family arrived at Fort Graham, Texas, where they were cheated out of the land they thought they had bought. During this period, Nat's father died from Malarial Fever. While Nat's mother, Sarah Martin Franklin, and younger brother, Charles J. Franklin, were sent back to England, Nat and his older brother, James J. Franklin, remained in Texas. During the voyage back to England, Charles J. Franklin died. Nat worked for Tyler and Childers driving freight wagons to the military forts over the Fort Phantom Hill Road. He lived in Waco and Belton. He later worked with his brother as a gunsmith. Nat became close friends with Nathaniel S. White after joining Company K, 1st Texas Cavalry, CSA. Nathaniel White made Nat promise to take care of White's wife and children if anything happened to him. White was killed in the Civil War and when Nat returned he kept his promise and later married Harriet Beeman White. He became the father of her children, Cora and Robert White. Nat had three children with Harriet; Ed, Will and Coke. After the death of Harriet, Nat moved to Comanche County, Texas, to live with his brother, James. Nat married Missouri A. Tunnell Watson, the widow of Thomas W. Watson. She had three children: Mattie, William, and Eracus. Nat and Missouri had six children: Charles, Clara, Connie, Ruth, Sallie, and Rebel. Nat was a Mason and a member of the Leon Lodge of Bell County, Texas. Nathaniel Franklin died June 6, 1917.
Macon Haynie was born May 4, 1893, in Coosa County, Alabama. He married Amie Jewel Bowman on October 2, 1917, in Comanche County, Texas. She was the daughter of J H and Eldona Bowman. No children were issued from this union. Macon and Amie moved to Santa Barbara, California, where he was with the fire department. Macon retired from the Santa Barbara Fire Department as Fire Chief. On their occasional trips to visit family, Macon and Amie would bring sacks full of avocados that he had harvested from his trees. He often talked of his Model A Ford that he still drove everyday. It was the only car he and Amie owned. He was known as a very frugal person with his money. He and Amie moved back to Comanche, Texas, in the late 1960's. Amie died in 1970. Macon then married his widowed sister-in-law, Inez McCarthy Bowman. Macon died April 10, 1977.
James Martin McGuire was born August 15, 1833, in Iredell County, North Carolina. His parents were William Spencer and Sarah Burton McGuire. His great-grandfather was William Sharpe of Statesville, Iredell County, North Carolina. William Sharpe was a member of the 2nd Continental Congress from 1779 to 1782. Mart’s parents moved to Walker County, Georgia, in 1840. Both his parents died in 1841 from fever and the raising of the McGuire family fell on the shoulders of Mart’s brother, John A. McGuire. In 1850, James left for Texas with his brothers John A. and Dock (Daniel W.). With them was the Henry Martin family. They arrived in Bell County, Texas, in the spring of 1851. About 1853, John A., Mart, and Dock came to Comanche County with Holmesly, Tuggle, Tunnell, and Mercer families. They helped Holmesly establish his property and home before John A. brought the rest of his family to Comanche County. James and Dock, being tired of always being on guard and fighting Indians, returned to Georgia in 1854. In 1855, Mart and Dock headed back to Texas with their sister, Elizabeth, who was married to M. O. Coker. After leaving M. O. Coker at the Texas border, Mart and Dock went to Galveston, Texas, were they worked on the steamboats. They also help establish the first telegraph line in Texas and worked at laying the first railroad tracks of the Texas Central between Galveston and Houston. Returning to Comanche County about 1858, Mart lived with M. O. Coker and served as a Frontier Texas Ranger. He was a member of the rangers commanded by Captain Ford and Lieutenant Sul Ross that fought with Chief Nacona and repatriated Cynthia Ann Parker. Back in Comanche County, Mart began his life as a farmer and stockman. In 1861, he married Margaret Jane Barcroft, daughter of Elisha and Margaret Hutchinson Barcroft. During the Civil War, James Martin McGuire was a Sergeant in Company G, 30th Texas Cavalry, Confederate States Army, under the command of Colonel Edward Gurley. He served in the Indian Territory, Arkansas, Texas, and Louisiana. After the Civil War, Mart resumed his ranching and farming and driving freight wagons to Forts Griffin and Chadbourne. Mart and Margaret had ten children: Synthia A. V., Eldona, James W., John T. S., Daniel Asbury, Mary Elizabeth, William Burton, Lela C., Elisah, and Elizah. James Martin “Mart” McGuire died March 24, 1907.
Daniel Perry Pinkard was born January 17, 1848, in Perry County, Tennessee. He was the son of Harris and Lydia Perry Pinkard. Daniel mother died when Daniel was a little over a year old. When he was about four, his father moved to Arkansas and Daniel went to live with his uncle, Jonathan Watson, who was married to Daniel’s Mother’s sister, Permelia Perry. In 1853, Jonathan Watson was working for O. T. Tyler at Leon Junction near Fort Gates. O. T. Tyler and a Mr. McCoy operated a freight service from Fort Gates over the Fort Phantom Hill military road to the western frontier military outposts. Jonathan Watson was later employed by Mr. McCoy at the McCoy ranch located near Fort Chadbourne. By 1856, Daniel and his uncle had moved to Comanche County. Daniel was a frontier Texas Ranger and was active in many of the early indian campaigns. He was a stock raiser and dealt in real estate. Daniel is credited as being the first to introduce Poland-China hogs to Comanche County. On January 25, 1868, he married Sarah Caroline Barcroft, daughter of Elisha and Margaret Hutchinson Barcroft. Their children were: Clara O., Lydia Alma, Elisha Irvin, Marietta, Walter, Paul R., Margaret, J. Perry, Rufus Stevens, Harvey S., and Eva. Daniel died October 10, 1935.
Gail W. Steward, 71, of Comanche, went to be with his Lord and Savior, Monday March 25, 2013. Funeral services, under the direction of Heartland Funeral Home of Comanche, will be held 11:00 a.m. Thursday March 28, 2013 at the Heartland Chapel. Interment will follow in the Indian Creek Cemetery. The family will receive friends 6:00 - 8:00 p.m. Wednesday the 27th at the funeral home. Gail was born August 28, 1941, in Gorman, Texas, to E.E. and Lillie (Wilson) Steward. He moved to Comanche and graduated High School there. He began working as a Heavy Equipment operator for a Dublin firm and traveled over Texas working building roads. Gail began working in the turkey business, owning a farm raising the birds and providing an artificial insemination service. He did this from the early 60's to the early 80's when he started dairy farming and continued with his sons until his death. Most his time was spent working but Gail did enjoy family vacations to the islands and the coast. Gail greatly enjoyed time with the grandchildren, some hunting of deer and elk, and cooking his specialties, ribs and chili-con-carne. Gail is survived by his wife Sandra Steward; sons, Mike Steward and wife Iraydi, Derek Steward and wife Ana, Heath Henry and wife Wednesday; grandchildren, Hailey, Emiley, Kiley, Ailey, Bridge, Tania, Rachel, Samantha, Colby, Caitlynd, Cassidie, Brittany, Ryan, and one on the way; sister-in-law, Cherry Steward; aunt, Peggy and husband Brent Rauhut; numerous cousins, nieces and nephews. He was preceded in death by parents, E. E. and Lillie Steward; brother, Jerry Steward and infant, Harold Steward; grandchildren, infants Michael Shawn and Joshua Wayne.
Mary Gore York was born in Comanche, Texas, on May 12, 1933. She was the daughter of Ultric P. and Lillian Brooks Gore. After graduating high school, Mary attended Tarleton State University and North Texas State University graduating with honors with a Bachelor of Arts degree in history. She married Gail W. York on August 10, 1951. Mary and Gail had one daughter, Gala. Mary was a media buyer for Glenn Advertising Agency and later a mortgage broker for American General. Mary was a teacher in Comanche in the subjects of English, History, and Government. As a business woman, Mary was involved in the retail business in Comanche as well as helping her husband in the real estate business with Comanche County Real Estate, Arrowhead Land Company, and York Appraisal Company. Mary was active in many civic organizations and clubs. She worked with the Hospital Auxiliary and the Presbyterian Church of Comanche.
Gail Wesley York was born on May 25, 1930 in Comanche County to Brady C. and Ruby Stewart York. He grew up in Comanche and attended Comanche Public Schools. Following graduation from high school, he attended John Tarleton Agriculture College (Tarleton State University). He participated in ROTC while at Tarleton. He attended also North Texas State University (University of North Texas) where he graduated with a Bachelor of Business Adminstration. He continued his education at Howard Payne University obtaining a Master's Degree in Education. At Baylor University, he worked on his Doctoral Degree studying Philosophy. He was a member of Phi Beta Kappa. On August 10, 1951, he married Mary Gore in Comanche, Texas. She preceded him in death on April 14, 2009. He served in the United States Air Force. After graduation from North Texas, he worked at Republic National Bank in Dallas, Texas. He was hired away from Republic by Eddie Childs to manage the purchasing department of Western Company of North America in Midland, Texas. He then began his career in education and taught in Gustine, Texas, which were among his happiest memories. He was assistant principal at Central Elementary in Stephenville, Texas, and then served as Registrar at Midwestern University in Whicita Falls, Texas. He then served as the Registrar and Director of Admissions at North Texas State University in Denton, Texas, and ending his career with Tarleton State University in Stephenville, Texas, as Director of Guidance, Counseling and Testing. He retired in 1985. In 1986, he and Mary started Comanche County Real Estate, Arrowhead Real Estate and York Appraisal Company. He and his daughter, Gala, started First Texas Telephones, Inc., and Firstel Communications, Inc., in 1990 participating in the inmate telephone business in Texas, New Mexico, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Kentucky. They sold the business to AT&T in 2000. He enjoyed keeping donkeys on his places, delighting in the new babies. He enjoyed also researching family history and was a great, great grandson of Comanche County settler and Methodist preacher, M. O. Coker. He was a World War II history buff and spent many happy afternoons with friends watching war documentaries and videos while having a cigar. He died April 11, 2012.