Elisha H. Barcroft 

Elisha H. Barcroft was born June 18, 1809, in Tennessee. 


His parents were Daniel S. Barcroft (1776 Va - 1850 Cass Co., Tx) and Elizabeth McDunneh. 


With his young bride, Margaret B. Hutchinson, he relocated to Texas in 1838. The 1840 Census of Texas lists him and his family in Red River County. 


In 1857, he relocated his family to Comanche County. He was the first Postmaster of Comanche County and served at other times as tax collector and county commissioner. He served as a steward in the Methodist Church, a Freemason, and can be found on the rolls of the Masonic Lodge of Iredell, Texas. A farmer was his primary occupation. 


He and Margaret had ten children: 


Marinda C. (1834- ) married Phillip B. Killingsworth (1814-), children: Tiberia Ann (1853-1903), James F. (1857-1912), Ondelia E. (1859-1912);


Lorenzo Overall (1838-1908) married Sarah Ann Wise (1837-1921), children: Amanda Emily (1864-1945) married Davis Curlette Riley (1849-1938);   


William H. (1837-1864), never married,  died as a Union Prisoner of War  in Alton, Illinois;  


James Daniel (1839-1924) married Perlina Jane C. Watson (1844-1930), children:  Margaret A. (1869-1951) married Matheson M. Cook (1871-1936), Conrad Paschal (1873-1945) married Lula Elizabeth Funderburk (1876-1924), Martin Beron (1876-1926) married Marchal Lola Carter (1888-1969), Lula Della (1876-1956) married Claiborne P. Waldrop (1867-1961), Caldona "Donie" (1878-1932) married Shelby Marion Adams (1871-1949), Willie Gertrude (1880-1981) married Hugh J. Collins Reveile (1870-1950), Lillie Raymond (1885-1980) married Edward Charlie Weathersby (1883-1968), Florence May (1886-1986) married Ira Lee Henderson Sr. (1884-1960); 


Joshua Turner (1843-1863) never married, died as a Prisoner of War at Union Prison Camp Butler, Springfield, Illinois.  


Margaret Jane (1846-1917) married James Martin "Mart" McGuire (1833-1907), children: Synthia A. Victory (1862-1863), Eldona "Dona" (1864-1924) married James Henry "JH" Bowman (1859-1950), James W. McGuire (1867-1868), John T. S. (1870-1949) married Sallie C. Bruce (1870-1959), Daniel Asbury (1872-1932) married Cora Tunnell (1879-1971), Mary Elizabeth (1874-1949) second wife of J.H. Bowman, William Burton (1878-1934) married Maud Seleta Bruce (1876-1968), Sarah Effie (1880-1918) married Buren Lorenzo Charmichael (1880-1943), Lela Caroline (1883-1948) married David Judson Gafford (1872-1957), Elisha Owens (1886-1960) married (1) Lena Eppie Jones (1889-1911) and (2) Julia Stimson Atterbury (1891-1981), Elijah E. (1886-1886);       


Sarah Caroline (1849-1924) married Daniel Perry Pinkard (1848-1935), children: Joshua Turner (1869-1871), Henry B. (1871-1871), Clara Olney (1872-1967) married James William Franklin (1869-1936), Lydia Alma (1874-1894) married W. Terry Stewart (1872-1931), Walter (1875-1879), Elisha Irvin (1876-1955) married Sarah Delena "Dollie" Isom (1882-1973), Mary Etta "Marietta" (1879-1960) married Walter Barto Starling (1862-1844), Paul Revere (1880-1939) married Mary Julia Rogers (1879-1954), Margaret "Maggie" (1882-1906) married W. Terry Stewart (1872-1931), Jonathan Perry (1884-1970) married Millie Tabitha Cross (1888-1969), Rufus Stephens (1886-1961) married Nellie Pennington (1891-1927), Harvey S. (1888-1889), Eva Edna (1892-1981) married Bert Ray McCorkle (1889-1971);   


Orcenth Fisher (1853- ) 


Elisha Asbury (1854-1928) married Arnetta Caledonia "Caldony" "Callie" Lowe (1867-1963); and  


Elizabeth F. (1859-1899). 


Elisha’s brother, Daniel, fought in the battle of San Jacinto. 


Elisha died November 29, 1895.