V. F. (Vinson Frank) Bowman

Vinson/Vincent Frank (V. F.) Bowman was born August 26, 1836, Cartersville, Cass County (now Bartow County), Georgia. His parents were Henry Bowman and Mary Elizabeth Creamer. His parents and brother, Thadius Clinton Bowman, are buried at the Old Foster Cemetery, Tunnel Hill, Whitfield County, Georgia.  

 About 1855, he married Mary R. J. Coker, daughter of Robert Coker and Elizabeth Lake. In December, 1859, he purchased land in Franklin County, Alabama. The land was situated north of the Dismal Canyons and about twenty miles southwest of Russellville, Alabama. 

During the Civil War, Vince served with Company E, 5th Cavalry Alabama, Confederate States Army under the command of Generals Roddy and Nathan Bedford Forest. Vince served the entire war without wounds or capture, although narrowly missing death or capture at the battle of Selma, Alabama. Vince achieved the rank of Corporal by the end of the war. 

After the Civil War,  Vince returned to the farm to rebuild. The depression in the south and a severe drought between 1865 and 1870 resulted in Vince selling the farm and relocating his family to Comanche County, Texas. He operated a blacksmith shop in Comanche, Texas, and had a gin on Indian Creek. He dealt in real estate and was one of the leading farmers of the county.

 Vinson and Mary had ten children: Demaries Elizabeth "Mary" married Walter Scott Thomas; James Henry (J.H.) married (1) Eldona "Dona" McGuire (2) Mary Elizabeth McGuire; Thadeous Iner; Martha Jane "Mollie" married Julius Irving ParkerMollie Owen married James Russell FaganVinson Frank Jr. married Mary Emily Kilpatrick; Francis Clarabelle married Finnis Alexander Odell; Horton Columbus (H.C.) married Loula Mae Jones; Halla.      

Vince died January 15, 1914.